A boutique education company focusing on student learning from middle school through college. We publish books and work with families in Atlanta.


Managing Partner, Education

Paget Hines

For some people, test scores are all that matters: for Paget, that's only the tip of the iceberg. Working with students and their families, she acts as a guide (read not sherpa) on the path to college acceptance. Additionally, Paget is in charge of making sure that students actually enjoy getting ready for standardized tests instead of using the desk as a nap station. As a Learning Specialist trained in the Orton-Gillingham method, she is an expert at crafting her teaching to match the differentiated needs of her students. As a mother of two wonderful children, she understands how stressful it can be to navigate college admissions, soccer games, carpool lines, and life in general.

After 13 years in private practice in San Francisco, Paget and her family returned to Atlanta. When Paget is not busy working with students and families, she is authoring new Direct Hits books, running the @DirectHitsFan Twitter feed, and playing amateur barista to keep the rest of the team happy. She is a graduate of Colgate University and was an Alpha-Omega (k-12 student) at The Westminster Schools in Atlanta.

Ted Griffith
Managing Partner, Publishing

Ted Griffith

*It’s funny what great things can come from a jammed copier. While copying a 30-page word list for 40 students that the copier kept messing up, Ted had two thoughts: one, he really wanted to go Office Space on the copier, and two, there must be a better way to do this. Thankfully the copier is still intact and option two prevailed. With the help and advice of a professor at Vanderbilt (thanks, Andy), Ted realized that the material could be massaged into a book that would both be easier for the classes and also allow for sales outside of Atlanta. Thus, Direct Hits Publishing was born.

As a Double 'Dore (Vanderbilt University: BS in Econ and MS in Finance) Ted works on the operations and strategy for both the education and publishing businesses. He can also often be found around squash courts or serving on charity boards (Atlanta Families Awards, Help For Children, Owen Graduate School of Business).


Luther Griffith
Partner, Finance

Luther Griffith

Every company has some secret sauce that makes them great. Luther is our russian dressing, err, secret sauce.  A master of excel, accounting, cash flows, and strategy, he acts as the backbone of Direct Hits that has allowed us to operate and continue to grow. With an MBA from Harvard and 30 years of corporate and entrepreneurial experience, he keeps the team focused as we continue to expand our teaching and publishing endeavors.

Outside of acting as our adult supervision, Luther can be found in the kitchen creating delicious meals, playing golf, collecting and enjoying new bourbons, or walking the dog. He is an Emeritus Trustee of the Lawrenceville School in New Jersey, and he also mentors young entrepreneurs in the Atlanta area to help them grow their businesses. And we can't forget that he went to Wisconsin for undergrad. Go Badgers!


Claire Griffith
Founding Partner

Way back in 2003, Claire founded what would become Direct Hits when she first started holding SAT classes. Through hard work, lots of binders, and superior copying skills (that she passed on to Ted as well), the classes grew to be a big success.

As we all know though, to use a quote popularized by John Lennon, "life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." A graduate of Sweet Briar College, Claire took up the cause of Saving Sweet Briar last summer after the surprise announcement by the then board to close the school. Due to her adept mastery of social media and passion for the school, not to mention her ability to fundraise, she and other alumnae were able to save the school and keep it open. Claire now serves as the Director of Major and Planned Gifts at the college. Though a big loss for Direct Hits, she is a huge gain for Sweet Briar!

Advisory Board

Tanner Hines


Frances Kweller
Kweller Prep

Adam Liang

Martha Shadle
Learning Linkz

Kali Holliday

Jane Armstrong
Westminster Schools