Direct Hits Advanced Vocabulary prepares students for high-level words found on the ACT, SAT, Advanced Placement Exams, GMAT, and more.

After studying the book, a lot of “esoteric” vocabularies become “quotidian” words, and by using the words, we turn into “sophisticated scholars”!
— Danny Tsai, Amazon Reviewer

Words are our tools for learning and communicating. A proficient and robust vocabulary is critical to success in school, business, the professions, AND standardized tests such as the AP Exams, ACT, SAT, and GMAT. Even the most dedicated students dread memorizing long lists of seemingly random words. Direct Hits Advanced Vocabulary offers an approach that places the words in a context students can easily understand and remember.

The books include the following features:

  • More than 200 of the most challenging words found on standardized tests, not a phonebook-size list of words that are rarely, if ever, used in essays or on tests
  • Relevant, vivid, and memorable examples from popular movies, television, literature, music, historical events, and recent headlines
  • A Fast Review with quick definitions

Formatted as a 6" by 9" paperback book, teens are comfortable carrying the Direct Hits Toughest Vocabulary book with them to study another word or two when time permits. Building on the success of previous editions, the authors of Direct Hits Advanced Vocabulary consulted secondary school teachers, tutors, parents, and students from around the world to ensure that these words and illustrations are right on target for students.